The mission of The Children's Teddy Bear Foundation is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment by children's hospitals and research centers. It is by the giving of a Teddy Bear to these children and donations to the foundation (who in turn divides these gifts between the Hospitals and Centers), that we can all work together to bring to the children and their families hope and comfort in a time we they most need our support.

Our vision is to be a world leader in giving the gift of love to these little ones and their families. Each year we will be promoting Music Related Festivals around the USA and Canada to bring about awareness of this need and to bring Recording Artist/Songwriters/Music Industry Personnel and Fans together, to share their talent, their money and their recourses, to the raising of Teddy Bears and Financial Assistance for our programs and those of our partners. We will post events as the information becomes available. All of us want to give the children hope, find cures and prevent catastrophic diseases in children.

Teddy Bear Festival II

To aid the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tn.

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